Here are some of the basic informations you would need to know prior to contacting me.

I am currently finshing booking the second half of 2020.
I only work out of  my private studio in Paris.
I mainly work on large scale projects that take several sessions to complete. I am interested in how a tattoo works with the body and I like to play with its distortions and movements. 
I tend to see the body as one single canvas, and I try to focus as much as possible on single tattooer/client relationships, build trust over time and work towards a greater goal.
The bigger your project is, or the more likely you are open to make it evolve over time, the more chances there will be for me to work with you.

Here are some of the basic informations you would need to know:

• This is a private tattoo studio, this means that the only way to get tattooed by me is if you already booked in via email before.
• My work requires calm, and concentration, therefore please do not come with more than one person the day of your appointment.
• I work alone, and answer my emails myself. This means that it can take up to a month to get an answer. Please do not send your email twice, I will get back to you as soon as I can.
• I only do geometry and blackwork related projects and do not do work with any other color than black.
• I have a daily rate and do not charge per hour.
• I do not tattoo hands, neck, face, if the person is not already heavily tattooed.
• I do not tattoo people under 18 years old.

I would need you to send me:

• Detailed explanation of the tattoo you would like and its placement on the body.
• Where you live, your age and if you are tattooed already.
• Preferable tattooing date in case you are not flexible.

Thank you again to have taken the time to read these informations.
I am looking forward to read your email and hopefully create a beautiful piece of work with you.